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  • Raddi R.; Drew J.E.; Fabregat J.; Steeghs D.; Wright N.J.; Sale S.E.; Farnhill H.J.; Barlow M.J.; Greimel R.; Sabin L.; Corradi R.M.L.; Drake J.J. (2014-04-04)
    We investigate a region of the Galactic plane, between 120° ≤ l ≤ 140° and-1° ≤ b≤+4°, and uncover a population of moderately reddened (E(B-V) ~ 1) classical Be stars within and beyond the Perseus and Outer Arms. 370 ...
  • Corradi R.L.M.; Sabin L.; Miszalski B.; Rodriguez-Gil P.; Santander-Garcia M.; Jones D.; Drew J.E.; Mampaso A.; Barlow M.J.; Rubio-Diez M.M.; Casares J.; Viironen K.; Frew D.J.; Giammanco C.; Greimel R.; Sale S.E. (2014-04-04)
    IPHASXJ194359.5+170901 is a new high-excitation planetary nebula with remarkable characteristics. It consists of a knotty ring expanding at a speed of 28 km s-1, and a fast collimated outflow in the form of faint lobes and ...
  • Viironen K.; Mampaso A.; Corradi R.L.M.; Drew J.E.; Frew D.J.; Giammanco C.; Greimel R.; Liimets T.; Lindberg J.E.; Rodriguez M.; Sabin L.; Sale S.E.; Wilson P.A.; Zijlstra A. (2014-04-04)
    Aims. A proper determination of the abundance gradient in the Milky Way requires the observation of objects at large galactiocentric distances. With this aim, we are exploring the planetary nebula population towards the ...