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Sap flow in 'Hass' avocado trees on two clonal rootstocks in relation to xylem anatomy

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Autor Fassio C.
Autor Heath R.
Autor Arpaia M.L.
Autor Castro M.
Fecha Ingreso 2014-04-05T00:17:05Z
Fecha Disponible 2014-04-05T00:17:05Z
Fecha en Repositorio 2014-04-04
dc.identifier 10.1016/j.scienta.2008.09.012
dc.description.abstract The rates of sap flow and xylem vessel features were studied in two-year-old nongrafted and grafted avocado (Persea americana Mill.) trees. Daily sap flow rates were measured with heat and balance stem gauges in clonal Duke 7 (D7) and Toro Canyon (TC) trees and 'Hass' clonal scions grafted onto clonal D7 (H/D7) and TC (H/TC) rootstocks. Vessel features as size, number and total vessel area were determined histologically in the stem of the scion and rootstock and the roots of the grafted trees. Significant differences in the sap flow rate were found among the rootstocks, where D7 had a 29% higher sap flow rate than did TC (grafted and nongrafted trees). There were no differences among xylem vessel features in the stems of any of the varieties. However in the roots, D7 had wider and fewer vessels then TC do. Also, D7 had a 19% higher total vessel area than TC. These results suggest that the differences in water consumption of 'Hass' on different rootstocks may be associated with differences in the efficiency of the roots to absorb water across conductive tissue which may be linked to differences in the area of xylem vessels in the root. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. en_US
dc.source Scientia Horticulturae
Link Descarga dc.source.uri
Title dc.title Sap flow in 'Hass' avocado trees on two clonal rootstocks in relation to xylem anatomy en_US
Tipo dc.type Article
dc.description.keywords anatomy; clone; evergreen tree; sap flow; xylem; Persea americana en_US

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