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  • Orellana M.; Arriola P.; Del Rio R.; Schrebler R.; Cordova R.; Scholz F.; Kahlert H. (2014-04-04)
    During the electrochemical oxidation of Prussian blue (PB) to Prussian yellow (PY), an electrocatalytic oxygen production proceeds at the electrode when aqueous electrolyte solutions are used. The formed oxygen is scavenged ...
  • Cisternas R.; Munoz E.; Henriquez R.; Cordova R.; Kahlert H.; Hasse U.; Scholz F. (2014-04-04)
    Prussian blue (PB) can be deposited from colloidal solutions (5.4×10-3 molPBL -1, 0.01 mol L -1 KNO 3) on glassy carbon, either by potential cycling or potentiostatically, provided that the deposition potential is more ...